Unfuddle Git deploy gotcha

Having provisioned a new server, I was updating my Capistrano deploy.rb to handle the new box, and on testing a new deploy, I was getting this:

** [server :: out] == Unfgit: =============================================================
** [server :: out] Permission denied public key error. account: xxxxx; repository: xxxxx; person: none; message: no person found on this account using this public key
** [server :: out] ========================================================================

Annoying, seeing as it worked just find on the old box.

I went onto the machine and confirmed using the ssh key there I could check out the repo properly. Unfuddle support tried to help but could not. I fortunately came across this github resource which explains some of the settings. I think on the third or so re-reading I noticed this real impact of this

Agent Forwarding

If you’re using your own private keys for git you might want to tell Capistrano to use agent forwarding with this command. Agent forwarding can make key management much simpler as it uses your local keys instead of keys installed on the server.

ssh_options[:forward_agent] = true

So, I tried removing that line from my cap deploy.rb, and the checkout worked fine.

Hope this helps someone else!