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JRuby-OpenSSL and HTTP request timeouts (in ActiveSalesforce)

So, JRuby looks pretty cool, and I’ve got some code written that uses a weird BouncyCastle encryption implementation going in my rails app. Works well, the WAR deployment works (with goldspike) and everything’s going swimmingly.

Until, of course, I tried to integrate with Another Project that uses the ActiveSalesforce. Behind the scenes, ActiveSalesforce makes SSL encrypted connections to Salesforce API endpoints and performs operations. This was working fine until I started the app under JRuby. All of a sudden, the salesforce connections stopped working.

A bit of digging later, and I discovered that the JRuby-OpenSSL implementation is causing reads of the HTTP responses to stall. JRuby HTTP is fine, Ruby HTTPS is fine, but JRuby HTTPS is not. Boo.

It’s a bug, now. I hope it’s fixed soon!