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New Job, more code, lots of ‘life’ things

So it turns out that sometimes when someone calls a job a Project Managment role, they actually mean Sales. The interview is no help, because it’s all agreement and “we want to go that way” stuff. But you walk in the door and it’s something else.

Not fun.

So anyway, I’ve got another job.

And I’m married now. It’s been a busy coupla months!

The good thing is that I am away from phone calls long enough now to actually do some coding, and it”s a nice change. (truth be told, in the final days at the old place I was debugging Mambo just for something different.

On the plus side, I met some nice people at the old place, namely the PPQ girls and boys. If you’re not in Queensland, you’ve got no chance of knowing who they are, and if you are and you want a personalised plate, they’re who you have NO CHOICE but to use ;) But they’re tops.

Anyway, wine in hand, Ruby on Rails open in Editplus, and I’m home.