I’ve decided to change hosting providers. There’s no one thing that caused me to want to leave TextDrive, but lots of little things. Like getting accused of causing problems that you didn’t create. Or getting abuse in support tickets.. you know, that kind of thing that you should never do to your customers?

So after making the choice beween and, I went with Rinuhosting mainly because they responded to my requests within HOURS of me making them, while PlanetArgon took 3 days. RimuHosting is a Xen based VPS provider, so I’ve got my own Debian instance (was Sarge, but – thanks Rob – now is running Etch)

And I couldn’t be happier! Now, the fun fun task of migrating my PeopleHub domains…


Started Prince2 today

Well, when I wanted to do some Project management training I looked around and decided on Prince2.. and I just had my first day today. It’s good stuff – final accountability does not rest with the Project manager – yay!

But they really cram in that info… it was non stop all day, and 3 days to go!



A while ago, in a moment of inspiration/impulse purchase, I bought the domain “” thinking it’d be great to put stuff there about Rails dev from, well, Oz. As of today, that idea is postponed and integrated with this site, “” mainly because I started to doubt whether it was actually all that clever. It could be a bit wanky. So, Dreamhost mirror configuration, here we are!



As my first post it seems appropriate to start with my main programming tool at the moment – Ruby On Rails. Over the years I’ve dealt with many of the most popular web programming languages including ASP and PHP, and while they are ‘ok,’ it’s just not the same as rails. The biggest thing that gets to me with languages like that is that it’s not hard per-se to get things done, it’s just that you need to do the same things over and over again. And god help you if you want to change the way you’ve been doing it… testing?? what’s that? In rails, it’s all built in, and you don’t have to muck about with the dreary boringness of the simple stuff like DB connections, it’s all there for you so you can get on with writing the app!

Pure genius.